Buying art safely on the Internet

On we hope you will find artworks to please you in our permanent virtual exhibition.
Whether you are interested in acquiring contemporary art for investment purposes or just want some fine art to decorate your home the network is the perfect place for buying visual arts on the web.
But you will also be able to buy with confidence thanks to our policies in matters of customer freedom and security.

Security of transactions

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You will be able to buy art on our site with total confidence thanks to totally secure transactions.

Our transactions are 100% secure for one good reason: we let the banks do it!

Check payments are available if labeled in EUR and emitted by a bank account located in France.

Wire transfers are performed offline : we give you the necessary instructions to pass on to your bank.

Wire transfer possible depending on payment amounts : available from € 1,500, mandatory above € 20,000

Freedom & choice

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You can use the same customer account on all our sites - including our exhibitors' personal sites.

Several orders at once : you can buy artworks from different exhibitors and make a single payment.

Cancellation option : you can still cancel an order until validation of your payment - e.g. because you do not agree with shipping costs or you just changed your mind.

Use your portfolio as a shopping cart as on any other e-commerce website.

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Yes, on customers have a portfolio instead of a shopping cart !

Click on the add to portfolio icon icon to add an artwork for sale to your portfolio, click on the remove from portfolio icon icon to remove it.

You can access your portfolio at any time during your visit to check its contents and proceed to order.

Guarantee & delivery

Shipment of your orders is the sole responsibility of the exhibitors who may use the delivery service of their choice.

However, we provide additional guarantee and keep you updated on the status of your delivery :

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Depending on the information submitted by the seller, you may know the date and time your parcel was sent, the name of the service used and the tracking number, so that you can follow the delivery step by step.

You can communicate with the seller during the whole delivery process through our messaging system.

You can rate the seller once you have received your order and leave a comment that they may publish as a customer review.


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Confidentiality of personal data :

Account access :

  • → Authentication is done with your e-mail address and password.

  • → Your password is encrypted in our database and cannot be retrieved.

In case you lose your password, you can request a new one that will be automatically sent to your e-mail.

Create your customer account right now and order safely in your own time.